Replacing your roof is a big investment, and some homeowners might be tempted to save money by fixing sections at a time instead of completing the full roof installation all at once. While you might like the idea of saving money upfront. Here are reasons why a full roof replacement is the better option in the long run:

  • Mismatched Shingles: Even if you get the same shingle color later, slight variations can create a patchwork look on your roof.
  • Hidden Damage: If you replace only half of your roof, hidden damage may be missed. That means you might end up paying for costly repairs down the road due to undetected leaks.
  • Higher Costs: Roofing crews are more efficient with a full replacement, so you may end up paying more per square foot than you would if you replaced the roof in sections.
  • Warranty Issues: Many warranties only apply to full replacements, not sections of a roof. That means the investment you make won’t be protected.

Wondering how to budget for a full roof replacement?

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